6-chamber PVC system for doors and windows Assembly width of the frame profile- 72 mm Assembly width of the sash window profile- 72 and 80 mm Possibility for glazing and glass panes with different width /24 mm, 32 mm, 40mm/ The system offers a variety of profiles that allow making of constructions with different types of opening and configuration: - Window opening inwards - Door opening inwards - Door opening outwards - Constructions of 90° and a random angle between them - One-sash and two-sash doors and windows /combined with unopenable parts/ - A special mechanism - opening with sliding - VW Additional steel profile with width of 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm so that to provide the necessary strength of the windows /depending on the size/- same for frame and sash profile Co-extruded TPV seal in the PVC profiles in either black or grey color, making the work easier when assembling A special canal of the sash profile for faster and easier assembly of fitting /center of the system 13 mm/